Short Fiction
The Joke

“The Joke”

Published in Blood Bath Literary Zine: The Demons Issue (May 2019) print & ebook

What Stills the Heart

“What Stills the Heart”

Published in EconoClash Review #4 (May 2019)

An Invitation to Darkness

“An Invitation to Darkness”

Published in SERIAL Magazine #3 (February 2019) print & ebook

“The Nowhere Song”

appearing at Asymmetry (February 2019)


appearing at Gallows Hill Magazine (February 2019)

“It Takes a Village”

appearing at Trembling With Fear (December 2018)

“The Burning of the Blueberries”

Published in Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy (December 2018)

“Scarlet Hide Molly”

Published in Planet Scumm #6 (December 2018) print & ebook & audiobook

“The Man Upstairs”

Published in Five on the Fifth, vol. 4, issue 1  (November 2018)

“Numerology’s Make”

Published in Thuggish Itch: Devilish (October 2018)

“The Eater of Rainbows”

Published in Trickster’s Treats #2: More Tales from the Pumpkin Patch (October 2018)


“Rest in Peace, Mother” appearing at Trembling With Fear (April 2019)

“Herbie’s Eats” appearing at Trembling With Fear (March 2019)

“Sunday Afternoon for Benny Rose” appearing at Dime Show Review (February 2019)