All the Hearts You Eat

Novel; releasing October 15, 2024 from Titan Books

U.S. pre-order (paperback/ebook): Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target,

UK pre-order (paperback): Waterstones & Forbidden Planet

Featured in Paste Magazine’s “The Most Anticipated Horror Books of 2024.”

What really happened to Cabrina Brite?

Ivory’s life changes irrevocably when she discovers the body of Cabrina Brite on the sands of Cape Morning, along with a mysterious poem. How did she die, and why does it seem she was trying to swim to Ghost Cat Island, the centre of so many local mysteries?

Desperate to uncover the answers surrounding Cabrina’s death, and haunted by her discovery, Ivory begins to see the pale ghost of Cabrina, only to shake it off as a mere hallucination. But Ivory is not alone. Cabrina’s closest friends have also seen a similar apparition, and as they toy with occult possibilities, they begin to unravel the truth behind Cabrina’s death.

Because Cape Morning isn’t a ghost town, but a town filled with ghosts, and Ivory is about to discover just what happens when you let one in.

“You think you know how this haunting will go, but you don’t. All the Hearts You Eat has a dark and powerful undertow, and it’ll pull you far, far out to sea.”

– Chuck Wendig, NYT Bestselling author of Wanderers and Black River Orchard