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5 Tips for Adding Otherworldly Elements Into Your Novel on Writer’s Digest (August 2023)

7 Encounters Between Faith and the Dark on CrimeReads (August 2023)

10 Shadowy Meetings Between Horror and the Occult on CrimeReads (September 2022)

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The Intimacy of Monsters on Ladies of Horror Fiction (June 2019)

Podcast and Video Appearances

Hailey Piper and Ambulatory Brain Monsters at Talking Scared (September 2022)

Hailey Piper and a Blend of Two Similar but Different Genres at Queer Writers of Crime (September 2022)

Feel the Fear: A Horror Roundtable Discussion on Chicago Public Library (October 2021)

Talking Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy on Deadhead Space (May 2021)

Unfortunate Elements and “The Burning of the Blueberries” on Cursed Morsels (April 2021)

Short Story Collections with Hailey Piper on Books in the Freezer (March 2021)

Perfectly Harmless with Hailey Piper on Inkheist (December 2020)

Talking The Worm and His Kings on WIHFF (November 2020)

Talking about The Wicker Man on Necronomi.Com (November 2020)

The Worm and His Kings interview on Dead Headspace (November 2020)

Digging Deep on TPONG on Cursed Morsels (August 2020)

Hailey Piper on the Dangers of Nostalgia on Ladies of the Fright Podcast (April 2020)

Journey to the Weird Places with Hailey Piper on Ink Heist Podcast (February 2020)

Text Interviews

These Are the Writers Shaping Horror’s Next Golden Age with Esquire (July 2023)

The Scares Keep Growing with Library Journal (July 2023)

Queer Art & Conventional Discomfort with Lovecraft Arts & Sciences (February 2022)

Interview with Horror Author Hailey Piper on Cinema Crazed (March 2021)

Feature Interview: Hailey Piper at Nightmare Magazine (February 2021)

The Book Dad Chats with Hailey Piper on Nightworms (December 2020)

Hailey Piper: “Lovecraft Feared the Other; I Am the Other” on LitReactor (November 2020)

Fiction Fragments: Hailey Piper on Girls Meets Monster (August 2020)

Dead Head Reviews interview for Pride Month 2020 (June 2020)

iHorror interview for Pride Month 2020 (June 2020)

Urban Legends and Cannibal Kings: A Guest Interview with Hailey Piper (June 2020)

Stephanie Evelyn interview for Women Thought Leaders in Horror (June 2020)

Dead Head Reviews interview for Women in Horror Month 2020 (February 2020)

Sonora Taylor interview for Women in Horror Month 2020 (February 2020)

Demain Publishing interview promoting An Invitation to Darkness (September 2019)

Planet Scumm interview promoting issue #7 and “Reptile” (September 2019)

Interview with NFReads (September 2019)