Short Fiction

Out in the Wild

“Life Begins at Injection” in Lost Contact (November 2021)

“IF trans THEN mogrify” on Cast of Wonders (November 2021) (read online) (audio)

“Magic Loves the Hungry” in A Conjuring for All Seasons (November 2021)

“The Median King” in Diabolica Americana (October 2021)

“In the Land of Ash, Where the Light Is God” in Boneyard Soup Magazine, Vol 1. Issue #4 (October 2021)

“End-Times Magic” in Dark Dispatch #2: Deadly Love (October 2021)

“Queen of the Cloven Heart” in Dark Matter Magazine – Halloween Special (October 2021) (read online)

“An Invitation to Darkness” in Serial Magazine #3 (February 2019), from Demain Publishing (September 2019); audio on Tales to Terrify (October 2021)

“The Thread That Dreams Are Made Of” in What One Wouldn’t Do (September 2022)

“There Will Always Be Men Like Johnny” in Hymns of Abomination (September 2021)

“Wife-Beast of Eden” in The Bad Book (July 2021)

“A Little Too Late for Little Green Men” on The Wicked Library: Pride Month Horror Special (June 2021)

“The Heart Is a Spare Part” in Baffling Magazine #4 (June 2021)

“Crepuscular” in Far From Home: An Anthology of Adventure Horror (May 2021)

“In Subspace, No One Can Hear You Scream” in Mycelia, Issue IV (December 2020); reprinted in Year’s Best Hardcore Horror, Volume 6: Masquerade (May 2021)

“Recitation of the First Feeding” in Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy (May 2021)

“Among the Creatures of the Night” in Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy (May 2021)

“Elf-Bride” in Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy (May 2021)

“The House of Shapes” in Dark Matter Magazine #3 (May 2021)

“That Ye Shall Transgress” in ProleSCARYet (May 2021)

“Why We Keep Exploding” in Stitched Lips (March 2021)

“Succubus Tips for Succu-Bliss” in Twisted Anatomy (February 2021)

“Cycle of the White Hart” in The Wild Hunt: Stories of the Chase (February 2021)

“Every Lady Echoes in the Mycorhizzal Hymn” in Boneyard Soup Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue #1 (January 2021)

“The Bird With the Clownish Plumage” in Campfire Macabre (January 2021)

“The Curse of She, Part 6: The Final Girlfriend” in We Are Wolves (December 2020)

“Brain Trust” in Planet Scumm #9: A Bloody Pulp (November 2020)

“The Inheritance Thread” in Love Letters to Poe, Volume 1, Issue 2 (November 2020) (read online) (audio)

“The Last Noel” in Gothic Blue Book VI: A Krampus Carol (October 2020)

“Autotomy” in Monsters Out of the Closet, Episode 32: Double (September 2020) (audio)

“Hopscotch for Keeps” in Places We Fear to Tread (September 2020)

“The Mother Stitch” in The Arcanist (August 2020) (read online)

“Unkindly Girls” in Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology of Vacation Horror (July 2020) (winner of the Ladies of Horror Fiction Award 2020 for Best Short Story)

“Toad Man, Toad Man” in Monsters, Movies & Mayhem (July 2020)

“Scarlet Hide Molly” in Planet Scumm #6: Oh Scumm All Ye Faithful; print & ebook & audiobook (December 2018); later produced on Monsters Out of the Closet, Episode 29: Witch (June 2020) (read online) (audio)

“There Is an Old Lady Who Swallows the Stars” in Neon Horror (June 2020)

“Forgive the Adoring Beast” in Dream of Shadows #2 (June 2020)

“What the Girls Are Doing” in The Ghastling #11 (May 2020)

“Fitting Room for Two” in Not Just a Pretty Face (May 2020)

“Jormungandr’s Dance” in The Arcanist (May 2020) (read online)

“Feast for Small Pieces” at The Bronzeville Bee (June 2019); reprinted in The Year’s Best Hardcore Horror, Volume 5: Going Global (May 2020)

“Without a Face” in Not All Monsters: Special Edition (April 2020)

“Endless Parade” in Flash Fiction Online (April 2020)

“All the Hated Creatures” in Dream of Shadows (March 2020)

“Candyland” in Twisted Love (February 2020)

“Song of Silver, Tooth and Claw” in The J.J. Outre Review, Volume 5, Issue 1 (February 2020) (read online)

“Demons of Particular Taste” in The Arcanist (January 2020), read on Fright Girl Summer Halloween #1 (July 2020) (read online)

“Last on Santa’s List” in Daily Science Fiction (December 2019) (read online)

“I’m Not a Chainsaw Kind of Girl, But …” in Vulture Bones #7 (December 2019)

“Hairy Jack” in Monsters in Spaaaace! (December 2019)

“Help” produced on Tales to Terrify (December 2019) (audio)

“Crones in Their Larval State” in The Arcanist (December 2019) (read online)

“Seven Signs He Doesn’t Love You” in The Macabre Museum (October 2019)

“The Umbilical Chord” in Blood Bath: The Hauntings Issue (October 2019)

“We All Scream” in Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become (October 2019)

“The Law of Conservation of Death” in The Bronzeville Bee (October 2019); reprinted in Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become (October 2019)

“Wailing Jill” in Little Girl Lost: Thirteen Tales of Youth Disrupted (October 2019)

“Only in the Dark” in Oscurita: A Dark Anthology (October 2019)

“Clara Came to St. Mary’s” in Running Wild Anthology of Stories, Volume 3 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (September 2019)

“Reptile” in Planet Scumm #7: A Wrinkle in Slime, via Spark & Fizz or on Amazon (September 2019)

“Aggressive Mimicry” in Black Rainbow (August 2019)

“Crow-House” in The J.J. Outre Review, volume IV, issue 1 (July 2019) (read online)

“Just a Scratch” in The J.J. Outre Review, volume IV, issue 1 (July 2019) (read online)

“Daisy” at Gallows Hill (February 2019); later produced on the Ladies of Horror Fiction Podcast (July 2019) (audio)

“It Takes a Village” at Trembling With Fear (December 2018); reprinted in Trembling With Fear: More Tales from the Tree (July 2019) (read online)

“The Joke” in Blood Bath Literary Zine Issue Two: Demons; print & ebook (May 2019)

“What Stills the Heart” in EconoClash Review #4 (May 2019)

“The Nowhere Song” in Asymmetry Fiction (February 2019) (read online)

“The Burning of the Blueberries” in Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy (December 2018)

“The Man Upstairs” in Five on the Fifth, volume 4, issue 1 (November 2018) (read online)

“Numerology’s Make” in Thuggish Itch: Devilish (October 2018)

“The Eater of Rainbows” in Trickster’s Treats vol 2: More Tales from the Pumpkin Patch (October 2018)


Coming in good time …

“An Engine of Pain” in Tales from Between (2021)

“Anything to End the Loneliness” on The Wicked Library (2021)

“Pleasant Guests with Better Games” in Planet Scumm (Spring 2022)

“Sable’s Bestiary for Those Who Remain” in Chiral Mad 5 (2022)

“Blame, Pain, and Selfishness” in A Woman Built by a Man (2022)

“The Turning” in Other Terrors (July 2022)

NOVEL: Cruel Angels Past Sundown (2022) (Death’s Head Press)

NOVELLA: Your Mind Is a Terrivle ThingĀ  (spring 2022) (Off Limits Press)

NOVEL: No Gods for Drowning (quarter 4, 2022) (Polis Books)

and more …