The Ghostlands of Natalie Glasgow

Short Story Collection; releasing summer 2024 from Rooster Republic Press

Hardcover art by Nicholas Day

Hardcover pre-order: Rooster Republic Press

There’s no getting used to the strange. That’s the philosophy of Margaret Willow, and as a supposed expert in the supernatural, or allegedly a modern witch, she’s seen a strange thing or two, and even lived to tell about it.

But she’s never met an eleven-year-old as dangerous as Natalie Glasgow.
Ever since the death of Natalie’s father, her family has found themselves caught in a series of bizarre experiences of their own. Unexplainable, irrational, and yet all too real. Has a demon latched onto Natalie’s soul? Or are her family’s circumstances bound up in the aftermath of her dead father?
The Ghostlands of Natalie Glasgow collects the original 2018 Natalie Glasgow novella along with six all-new interconnected stories following Margaret, Natalie, her family, and their entanglements in their haunted pasts and ghostly futures.