Even the Worm Will Turn

Novella; released April 22, 2023 from Off Limits Press

art by A.A. Medina

The Worm and His Kings, book 2

Ebook, paperback, audio: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop, Little District Books, LibroFM

Four years after the events of The Worm and His Kings, Donna Ashton ekes out a life far removed from her troubled past, only to be abducted one December night by a monster in man’s skin.

Held prisoner by operatives of a clandestine research facility and drugged into a sickened state, each day brings questioning and punishment. Escape should be possible when Donna faces only mortal hands this time, but the more she sees, the worse her mind splinters with horrific understanding.

audiobook narrated by Allyson Voller

This facility has punched a hole in space and time. Within it lie secrets mankind should never know of a darkness beyond the universe, the legacy of the almighty Worm, and revelations behind Donna’s ordeal four years ago which now might get her killed.