Your Mind Is a Terrible Thing

Novella; released May 7, 2022 from Off Limits Press

cover art by A.A. Medina

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Communications specialist Alto’s shift aboard the starship M.G. Yellowjacket turns hellish after waking from a tryst to learn every crewmate has vanished. Worse, a sinister presence has crawled aboard the ship. It’s violent, destructive, and it can reach into your thoughts to make you see and feel what it wants.

Anxiety-ridden Alto might be the least-qualified person to face a creature that can hack minds like computers. Only a perilous journey to the ship’s bridge can reunite comms specialist with crew and give them a chance to call for help.

But the intruder only scratches the surface of this crisis, and discovering the truth will bring Alto face to face against a nightmare beyond flesh and thought.

Your Mind Is a Terrible Thing appears on BookRiot’s list Science Fiction Trouble Feature: 10 of the Best Sci-Fi Horror Books and The Line-Up’s list Best Horror Novellas of 2022.

Narrated by Laura Lockwood

“Hailey Piper boards a starship where the most terrifying part of the voyage isn’t the cargo hold full of corpses, the tentacled creatures that stalk the pod bays, or their mysterious, otherworldly master, but the depths of the human psyche. An intriguing blend of b-movie scifi and incisive, soul-baring reflection.”

– Adam Cesare, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Video Night and Clown in a Cornfield

“A gloriously gory spectacle that marries elements of the Dead Space video games to an approach to body horror that feels like Tetsuo: The Iron Man filtered through Junji Ito.” – SFF180