Queen of Teeth

Novel; released August 1, 2021 from Rooster Republic Press/Strangehouse Books

paperback art by Don Noble

Winner of the Bram Stoker Award

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Within forty-eight hours, Yaya Betancourt will go from discovering teeth between her thighs to being hunted by one of the most powerful corporations in America.

She assumes the vagina dentata is a side effect of a rare genetic condition caused by AlphaBeta Pharmaceutical, decades ago, when she and several thousand others were still in the womb.

But, when ABP corporate goons upend her life, she realizes her secondary teeth might be evidence of a new experiment for which she’s the most advanced test tube … a situation worsened when Yaya’s condition sprouts horns, tentacles, and a mind of its own.

On the run and transforming, Yaya may be either ABP’s greatest success, or the deadliest failure science has ever created.

“A powerful, beautiful horror story.” – Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Readers … will be in horror heaven with this mesmerizing, original, and breathtaking debut.” – Library Journal (starred review)

“One of the best horror horror books of 2021.” – Rue Morgue

audiobook art by Christa Douyard; narrated by Jenn Lee

“Hailey Piper is at the top of her game, literally machete-chopping through new territory” – Cemetery Dance

“invigorating futuristic horror” – Autostraddle

“delightfully fucked-up and tremendously imaginative” – Vulture

“an exhilarating mash-up of dystopian science fiction, body horror, political satire, apocalyptic carnage, and lesbian romance” – SFF180

“If there’s such a thing as defiant horror, Hailey Piper’s Queen of Teeth must be its gold standard. This bold, visceral story about the right to one’s own body is equal parts heartfelt and brilliant – and most importantly, razor-sharp.”

– Nadia Bulkin, author of She Said Destroy

Queen of Teeth by Hailey Piper is so fucking good, and so fucking gay, that I am absolutely in awe. Like a city-destroying monstrosity secreted within a human form, this dystopian body horror story conceals layers upon layers of romance, tragedy, guilt, and what it means to be human. I would happily be devoured by it again and again.”

– Lindsay King-Miller, author of Ask a Queer Chick

Limited edition hardcover (OUT OF PRINT); art by Nicholas Day

“Hailey Piper’s debut novel, Queen of Teeth, is a gorgeous, wonderfully weird tale that does not hesitate to take readers into a unique, magenta-colored dystopia. Not a single word is wasted. Every moment propels us along into a battle for control, a search for identity, and the need to transform into something bold and true. Piper’s wit, razor-sharp imagination, and dedication to her craft are so brilliantly centered throughout the entire book. A true becoming is a bloody, beautiful, and sinewy kind of change — arrive hungry, pick up this book, and make your world a better place.”

– Sara Tantlinger, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Devil’s Dreamland

“blood brilliant fucking perfection”

– Sam J. Miller, Nebula Award-winning author of Blackfish City

Queen of Teeth is featured in 2021 Best of Lists from Library Journal, Autostraddle, and Kirkus

Spanish edition cover art by Raul Ruiz

Also available in Spanish from Dilatando Mentes Editorial, La Reina Dentada (released October 2, 2023), translated by José Ángel de Dios

Imagina que, un buen día, te levantas y haces un descubrimiento sobre tu cuerpo, uno tan sorprendente, que provocaría que tu vida cambiase drásticamente; imagina descubrir que tienes dientes en partes de tu cuerpo donde no deberían estar. Eso es lo que le sucede a Yaya Betancourt, una mujer que padece una rara afección genética causada por unos experimentos llevados a cabo hace décadas por la Farmacéutica AlfaBeta, cuando ella, y miles de personas más, a las que se les denomina quimeras, aún estaban en el útero de sus respectivas madres. Lo que no puede imaginar Yaya, es el alcance y las repercusiones que tendrá su descubrimiento y la metamorfosis que este acarrea, no solo en su vida, sino en la del resto de la humanidad..