“Last on Santa’s List” on Daily Science Fiction

On this dark Christmas morning, my final published story of 2019, “Last on Santa’s List,” has published on Daily Science Fiction. Drabbles aside, it’s also my shortest story this year.

That about does it for 2019; onward to 2020! I’ll have lots of new stories being published on sites, in anthologies, and a couple in audio form, too! Benny Rose, the Cannibal King releases on January 23 from Unnerving (less than a month now!) and I’ll have a couple other big projects to announce as the year goes on. Thank you to everyone who’s read my work this year. I’ve had tremendous support and warm responses, particularly to The Possession of Natalie Glasgow, which found renewed love this year. My best to everyone; there are exciting things ahead.

See you in the ’20s!