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“Candyland” in Twisted Love

Bronzeville Books has released a new anthology, Twisted Love, stuffed with tales of affection gone wrong. Plenty of fantastic authors on this TOC!

My story tackles glamor, ambition, and puts a critical eye to how adolescent girls are cast in ominous shadows. Check out “Candyland” in Twisted Love.


Small update, for those who want to support indie bookstores, here are links to my available novellas on The Possession of Natalie Glasgow and Benny Rose, the Cannibal King.

“Last on Santa’s List” on Daily Science Fiction

On this dark Christmas morning, my final published story of 2019, “Last on Santa’s List,” has published on Daily Science Fiction. Drabbles aside, it’s also my shortest story this year.

That about does it for 2019; onward to 2020! I’ll have lots of new stories being published on sites, in anthologies, and a couple in audio form, too! Benny Rose, the Cannibal King releases on January 23 from Unnerving (less than a month now!) and I’ll have a couple other big projects to announce as the year goes on. Thank you to everyone who’s read my work this year. I’ve had tremendous support and warm responses, particularly to The Possession of Natalie Glasgow, which found renewed love this year. My best to everyone; there are exciting things ahead.

See you in the ’20s!


“Hairy Jack” in Monsters in Spaaaace!; “I’m Not a Chainsaw Kind of Girl, But …” in Vulture Bones

Another weekend double story update!

First, Monsters in Spaaaace! has been unleashed, a anthology about classic monsters in space, on star colonies, spaceships, all over the place. My tale, “Hairy Jack,” follows the aftermath of a witch hunt on a colony ship, where a folkloric creature may be the key to saving an innocent woman’s life. It’s available in print and ebook!

Second, horror-comedy story “I’m Not a Chainsaw Kind of Girl, But …” appears in issue 7 of Vulture Bones. Zoe’s sick to death of her best friends’ boyfriends. It’s break-up night, one way or another. Though it says pre-order, the issue becomes available once purchased.

There should be one more story this month and an announcement of things to come in the new year, so stay tuned!

“Crones in Their Larval State” in The Arcanist; “Help” in Tales to Terrify

It’s been a few weeks, but this weekend brings two new stories!

First up, there’s a new flash fic over at The Arcanist, “Crones in Their Larval State,” about witches and daughters and the trouble they bring.

Second, for your listening pleasure, the incredible Emily Strand narrates my short horror story of an odd pet-sitting job and all its complications.  Check out “Help” over at Tales to Terrify.

There will be more to come this week, so check back in soon. It’s another busy month and I’m just trying to keep it up!

“Seven Signs He Doesn’t Love You;” “The Umbilical Chord”

Happy Halloween! Two stories have released today!

First up, I offer relationship tips in The Macabre Museum Issue 1: “Seven Signs He Doesn’t Love You.” Do you really know your man? You need these tips!

Next, the second go at Blood Bath Literary Zine appears in Blood Bath: The Hauntings Issue. “The Umbilical Chord” relates the story of a woman, her daughter, the ghosts of a fractured childhood, and a haunted audio cassette tape.

“We All Scream” in Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become

I am late! I was away!

On October 20th, Bronzeville Books released Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become, an ebook horror anthology with lots of cool stories by cool people. Two of them are mine. One is “The Law of Conservation of Death,” which you can read over at The Bronzeville Bee as a sneak peak for the book.

The other is “We All Scream,” nestled deep in the anthology’s digital pages.

Check it out today!