“Hairy Jack” in Monsters in Spaaaace!; “I’m Not a Chainsaw Kind of Girl, But …” in Vulture Bones

Another weekend double story update!

First, Monsters in Spaaaace! has been unleashed, a anthology about classic monsters in space, on star colonies, spaceships, all over the place. My tale, “Hairy Jack,” follows the aftermath of a witch hunt on a colony ship, where a folkloric creature may be the key to saving an innocent woman’s life. It’s available in print and ebook!

Second, horror-comedy story “I’m Not a Chainsaw Kind of Girl, But …” appears in issue 7 of Vulture Bones. Zoe’s sick to death of her best friends’ boyfriends. It’s break-up night, one way or another. Though it says pre-order, the issue becomes available once purchased.

There should be one more story this month and an announcement of things to come in the new year, so stay tuned!