Release day: Song of the Tyrant Worm

The end has come.

It began in 2020 with The Worm and His Kings, continued in 2023 with Even the Worm Will Turn, and now concludes with Song of the Tyrant Worm, out today in ebook and paperback from Off Limits Press and audiobook from Tantor and available from Barnes & NobleBookshop, Amazon, Libro.FM,

Cassie Daley drew up the gorgeous cover art, depicting the Gray Maiden against eerie cosmos.

I’ve already listened to the audiobook and Allyson Voller brings the narration to a haunting close.

This has been a long journey. I could’ve never foreseen a short story I wrote and abandoned in early 2019 would become a book, and then two books, and then a trilogy. I’m ever grateful to the readers, reviewers, booksellers, and other authors who’ve taken this story of kings and gods and New York into their hearts, as well as a massively supportive publisher who’s weathered delays from me, changes of plan, and more to bring this book into the world.

Thank you all. Now to follow the Gray Maiden beneath Manhattan one last time.

New York City, 1990: The Gray Maiden has served the almighty Worm and his faithful for her entire life. Recently that has meant abducting women off the street to find the Worm’s destined Bride, but any brutality is worth his promise of a better world to come.