Blood Bath: The Demons Issue ebook is out

Blood Bath Lit Zine’s second issue, Demons, is now available as an ebook. What does it take to survive when Washington, D.C. is overrun with demons? Find out in “The Joke,” and also read the many other neat stories loaded in this wonderful book.

Ebook link

“The Joke” in Blood Bath Lit Zine

Blood Bath Lit Zine has unleashed their second issue, Demons, on the world, much to my delight! They’ve been teasing content for the past few weeks, tantalizing short stories and poems, which I can’t wait to read, and I’m proud to have my story “The Joke” among them, about a politician in demon-infested D.C.

Right now the print edition is available in limited run, and the ebook will be available soon.

“An Invitation to Darkness” in SERIAL Magazine

The wonderful SERIAL Magazine has released their special Valentine’s Day issue, and even in horror, there are love stories.

“An Invitation to Darkness” is a sweeping tale of a retired sea captain, the woman she loves, a manor by the sea, ghosts, graves, dark secrets, eldritch monstrosities–everything you could want on Valentine’s Day, wrapped in a classic-feeling Gothic horror for the modern day.

Also available digitally!