“An Invitation to Darkness” in SERIAL Magazine

The wonderful SERIAL Magazine has released their special Valentine’s Day issue, and even in horror, there are love stories.

“An Invitation to Darkness” is a sweeping tale of a retired sea captain, the woman she loves, a manor by the sea, ghosts, graves, dark secrets, eldritch monstrosities–everything you could want on Valentine’s Day, wrapped in a classic-feeling Gothic horror for the modern day.

Also available digitally!

“Daisy” at Gallows Hill Magazine, “Sunday Afternoon for Benny Rose” at Dime Show Review

Today brings to the world my first published stories for 2019!

“Daisy” is the short story of a dog and the slight she cannot forgive. You can read it free at the Gallows Hill Magazine website.

Also for a quick read, check out “Sunday Afternoon for Benny Rose” at Dime Show Review, where they type ten-word stories on vintage typewriters and upload the results. Pretty snazzy!

And of course, Happy Women in Horror month!

Novella: The Haunting of Natalie Glasgow

My debut horror novella, The Haunting of Natalie Glasgow, is now available for purchase on Amazon.

“Throughout, there’s a sense of menace and danger, which is a hard thing to maintain, and the author handles it very well.” – Inconsistent Pacing Reviews and Discussion

“If you are looking for a quick, frightening read that touches on the primal fear within us all, this is your story.” – Cats Luv Coffee Book Reviews